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Kill Mice Quickly and Humanely with Victor® Clean-Kill™ Mouse Trap

New Covered Mouse Traps Provide a No-See, No-Touch Trapping Experience...

New Line of Sonic Spikes™

Safely Repel Mole and Gophers with Sweeney’s New Line of Sonic Spikes™...

Sweeney’s® Launches 8th Annual “I Hate Moles Because…” Contest

Grand Prize Winner of Nationwide Search for Mole Woe Stories will Receive $500...

Victor® Announces New Mini PestChaser® with Built-in Night Light

The PestChaser is equipped with a nightlight that provides a soft glow in the dark and is ideal for kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms....

Sweeney’s Introduces Dual Action Moles & Gopher Repellent

New Tunnel Penetrating Formula Repels Burrowing Animals by Scent and Taste...

Rodent Activity Predicted to Reach a Two-Year High in Coming Months

Be Prepared: Victor® Offers Simple Tips on How to Rodent Proof Your Home...

Victor® Introduces New Ultra PestChaser®

Homeowners looking for a safe, humane and poison-free way to protect themselves from mice and rat invasions can now do so with the Ultra PestChaser®, a new rodent repeller from Victor®, a world leader in rodent control....

Victor® Adds Rat Zapper Classic and Rat Zapper Ultra

Victor® Adds Rat Zapper Classic & Rat Zapper Ultra to Product Line-up...

Victor® Tri-Kill Mouse Trap

Victor® Introduces Tri-Kill Mouse Trap...

Victor® Rodent Introduces Fast-Kill® Brand

Victor® Rodent Introduces Fast-Kill® Brand Refillable Bait Station with Bait Blocks...

Victor® Rodent and Boy Scouts Team Up

Victor® Rodent and Boy Scouts of America Team Up in Mouse Trap Car Competition...

Victor donates traps to US troops

U.S. troops and their friends and family members can request traps at http://www.victorpest.com/trap-request-form....

Victor Rodent Control Announces How They Are Helping Troops Fight Unforeseen Enemy

Rodent control company donates mouse and rat traps to troops overseas...

As Weather Patterns Surge Rodent Populations, Victor Offers Rodent Control Tips in a Segment of The Popular "The Balancing Act" TV Show

This year's weather patterns may create rodent issues. Protect your family and home....

NEW! Multi-Kill, The Power Tool of Rodent Control

Victor® introduces the latest innovation in electronic rodent control...

First New Bait Active in 10 Years

Victor® introduces an innovative line of environmentally-friendly rodenticides...

When to Use What Weapon Where!

Homeowners have more choices in the fight against rodents...

Ultrasonic Technology Offers Sound Solution

New ultrasonic repellents are effective in keeping mice and rats away...

Advanced Miniature Sound Technology Revealed

Victor® unveils new line of mini ultrasonic rodent repellers at hardware show...

Two Rotating Speakers for Optimal Coverage

Victor® Mini Ultrasonic Dual PestChaser® gives you flexible coverage...

The Better Mousetrap!

Victor® unveils world’s first electronic mousetrap with patent pending design for safe and effective rodent control...